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During the evaluation process, we will go through each individual’s submission and carefully inspect each card. If we see any visible flaws, we will notify you. It is then up to you whether or not you would like to proceed and include those cards in your submission. Please note, we are not professional graders and CAN NOT guarantee any of the grades your card(s) will receive. All we can do is provide you our honest and educated opinion on the condition of your submitted cards.

If you choose to have your cards wiped down, we will carefully wipe down the surface of your cards to remove any dust or debris that could hinder the overall surface grade of a card. Please note, we will NOT alter or trim any of your submitted cards, so please don’t ask.

Step 1: Your submission has arrived and was reviewed, counted, and verified.

Step 2: Your submission was logged into the grading system and is ready for processing.

Step 3: Your items were researched, so each item can be correctly identified on the PSA label.

Step 4: Your submission has completed the authentication and grading process.

Step 5: PSA labels were printed, and each eligible item was sonically sealed within a PSA holder.

Step 6: Your grades have been reviewed a second time for accuracy.

Step 7: Labels have been reviewed for errors and holders were examined for defects.

Step 8: Your items are on their way back to Man Cave!

PSA does not guarantee their turnaround times. Due to the flood of submissions PSA has been getting as popularity for grading has grown, PSA is experiencing delays at this time. Rest assured, their office continues to hire more people to improve their overall efficiency and turnaround times. PSA updates the Complete Through Dates for their various services levels on a daily basis. To view the estimated CTDs, visit their website HERE.

During the logging process, each card is assigned an individual serial number. This number is affixed on an adhesive label on the outside of each card’s card saver. This eliminates any confusion on whose card is whose. PSA grades and returns the cards in that same order. We are able to tell exactly which card is which by its location in the received order. We put a cap at 200 cards in each order, so we are able to keep similar cards as separate as possible to avoid any confusion.

We provide monthly card submissions with each submission assigned a specific due date. All cards are to be due no later than the submission’s due date. Any cards received after a due date will be placed into the following month’s submission. After we receive all cards each month, they are either physically dropped off at PSA’s headquarters or mailed in within 5 business days after the submission due date. This gives us time to evaluate, wipe down any cards, log every card, and complete all of the paperwork for each month’s submission.

PSA defines it as “The Declared Value is your estimate of the value of the item after it has been assigned a grade by PSA.” We do not know what grades until they are assigned by PSA, so this is just an estimate between the raw value of the card and what the card’s market value as a PSA 10.  

Yes, there is no minimum declared value for each service turnaround time.

Yes, we will accept cards in top loaders or magazines. However, you will be charged $0.50 per card to remove the card from top loader and have it inserted into a new card saver. PSA only accepts cards submitted in card savers. We highly suggest sending us your cards already in card savers or including brand new card savers in your submission to us. Please DO NOT place any tape or stickers on your cards’ protective case before sending to them us.

You can track your orders through our new customer portal. Simply login using the same login information you used to place your order. Click on “Order Status” and you will be able to see what stage in the review process each of your orders is in with an estimated time until completion. Keep in mind that the completion time could change due to the high volume of grading submissions, but we do our best to stay on top of the changes as they happen.

We recommend Card Saver 1 from Cardboard Gold or UltraPro Card Savers.

We will only charge your card grading service fee and return shipping back to you. It is PSA’s discretion to up-charge any orders. Please note, any insurance on your return shipment will be additional. If you send your cards to us in anything but a card saver, we will have to charge you an additional $0.50 per card saver before we submit your order.

If PSA determines that your Declared Value (DV) is understated meaning you are submitting higher-dollar items into lower-dollar service levels, PSA reserves the right to up-charge your order to the appropriate service level. Up-charges are rare, but if by chance it does happen for your order, we will contact you directly to explain as soon as we are informed by PSA.

You can either include a simple note with your order number, or include a printed copy of your invoice with any instructions for us.

Signature confirmation is not required, but if you feel more comfortable sending your order with a signature confirmation upon delivery of your order, that is up to your discretion. Please advise us of any signature confirmation shipments to us. Please remember to keep your tracking information handy.

Please mail your cards to the address below.

Attn. Blake Chandler

PO Box 1867

Vista, CA 92085

One of the perks of working with Man Cave is that we are located incredibly close to PSA’s main offices. As a result, we get to hand deliver and pick up each of your orders directly to and from PSA, which results in faster turnaround times. 

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